Collaborative Robotics is a team of innovators and builders redefining the future of human-robot interaction. We are working to realize a world where robots are a trusted extension of your surroundings. They work, adapt, and react around you. Not the other way around.

Our vision for the future

We believe a livable future is one that is sustainable, hospitable, and smart. It is one where technology is both ubiquitous and seamless, improving every aspect of our daily lives.

Our products are built on 3 core tenets


Predictable behaviors that blend naturally with your operations


Brilliant hardware and software that easily adapts to your application and environment


Real-world applicability with real-world ROI

About us

We are a diverse group of engineers and leaders from Scale AI, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Apple with first-hand experience deploying hundreds-of-thousands of robots.

We are motivated by systems challenges and relish the deep cross-disciplinary collaboration they require.

A new kind of robotics company

We're building a new kind of robotics company. One without egos. Driven by empathy. With collaboration at its core.

Collaboration between engineers building the robot. Collaboration with owners of the process path where our robots can do their work. Collaboration with society and governments as our technology changes the world.

We’re changing the way our future is built.

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